Lumen De Lumine - Teil 1: PROLOG
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1. Satz/1st Movement: Annuntiatio:
The announcement that Mary will give birth to a son, concieved by the Holy Spirit. Harp and choirs try to express heavenly spheres. Tender flutes refelct Mary‘s immaculate heart.
2. Satz/2nd Movement: Visitatio:
Mary‘s journey and the visit at her cousin Elizabeth is described. It starts out with the travel through the desert, followed by the welcoming of Elizabeth and theri conversation. Later on Mary‘s begins her journey back to Nazareth. Though she is looking forward to her homecoming, there are some tension within her, because she is pregnant and does not know how Joseph is reacting.
3. Satz/3rd Movement: Stella Nova:
About Jesus birth. At first a new star appears over Bethlehem which points to the place where Jesus is born. The Holy Couple is searching for a place to stay, find one, Jesus is born and finally angels pronounce Jesus‘ birth to the shepherds. They come to see the Baby Jesus.
4. Satz/4th Movement: Preasentatio:
40 days after his birth Jesus is presented at the Temple of Jerusalem. But the joy is mixed with worries, since Simeon, an old man living in the Temple, whom was prophesized not to die unless he will see the messiah, is holding the child, thanks God and predicts to Mary that she will have much to suffer because of her son. This „dialog“ between Mary and Simeon is represented by a the interplay between violins and flutes.
5. Satz/5th Movement: Migratio:
Herode finds out about the birth of Jesus and orders to kill all children in Bethlehem under the age of two years. Joseph is warned by an angel in a dream und flees with Mary and the child to Egypt, while Herode is executing his terrible plan. Later on in Egypt Joseph is told the Herold is dead and the Holy Family can go home to Nazareth.
6. Satz/6th Movement: Quaerere:
The Holy Family is on its way to Jerusalem. Jesus is twelve years old. They visit the Temple. On their way back Mary and Joseph realize that Jesus is missing. A hectic search is starting and finally Jesus is found in the Temple among scripture scholars.